Two and a Possible


After I finally decided to complete the application, I had no idea that so many recruiting agencies existed. I wasn’t sure which agency was the best, so I applied to them all. One of the websites wasn’t very user-friendly (maybe because I was on my iPhone), but I still completed the application. I then went on to the second recruitment website. Their website was user-friendly, but something about it just didn’t “speak” to me, but I applied with them anyway. I spent the most time (and put forth the most effort) with Teachaway’s website. They had more positive reviews online, offered a variety of jobs abroad, and overall felt right to me. (I’m a spiritual person, and lean heavily on the spirit of discernment. If I don’t get a positive check in my spirit about something or if it doesn’t feel right, it’s a no-go for me).

So, Teachaway it was. I had found my recruiting agency.  After completing the online profile, uploading documents, and applying to jobs, I was left waiting for a reply. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait long.

After completing the online profile, I was contacted by two Teachaway recruiters and a Footprints recruiter within a couple of days. The two Teachaway recruiters greenlighted me for phone interviews. The Footprints recruiter also greenlighted me, but never contacted me again.

I immersed myself in all things Teachaway to prepare for my phone interview.

My first phone interview was on December 10, 2015. All went well, and I was recommended for the in-person interviews. I was asked which city I wanted to interview in, and decided on Houston, which was only four hours away from me.

A few weeks later, the second Teachaway recruiter contacted me for a phone interview. That interview also went well, and I was recommended for a second interview. Conversely, this interview would be via Skype.

So, what started out as runs of a mill completed applications, had turned into potential job prospects.


It Was All A Dream…

I totally believe in signs, and boy did I get many. Not only was the attached picture shared with me in several Facebook groups, but a close friend of mine even texted it to me. But, the signs didn’t stop there. Over the course of a week, I saw this picture upwards of ten times. I eventually grew tired of seeing it, and decided to apply. I didn’t think anything would become of it. Boy, was I wrong.

(To be continued)

IMG_0018 2