To Resign Or Not To Resign: The Conclusion

Over the next week or so, I wrestled with the decision to resign. As much as I loved my school, the students, and people I worked with, I believed that my season at my current school had ended. So, why was it so hard to turn in the blasted letter? Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is NiaShanta and I’m a control freak. I like to know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, who will participate in the doing, how long the doing will take, and what my role in the doing consists of.

I have no problem with going—okay I lied. I tend to have a problem going with the flow, which is why I had arrived at the predicament. Structure, stability, and security were all present at my current job. I had proven myself, worked my way up to a leadership position, and was no longer the little fish in a big pond. Leaving my district would not only thrust me into a new country on a different continent, but it would also thrust me into the sea of unknowns.

Fast forward to June 2, 2016. While obtaining signatures for summer checkout, I stopped into the library, and chatted with the librarian and instructional media specialist. I informed them about my impeding move. They offered a sense of comfort and support that I needed. Ms. Debbie, the media specialist, shared a story with me about her niece and her husband who had been living abroad for several years. Something about the story really resonated with me. She said that they had grown closer as a couple primarily due to the fact that they were all each other had.

I slept on that story and really prayed for God to give me ultimate peace. Though I had secure employment, a place to return next year, and the assurance that I’ve always wanted, I truly believed that I needed to let go of my current season (job). I really believed that God was trying to teach me a lesson in surrender, and I didn’t want to fail.