2nd Time Around Part 2

I knew that I would want to reapply. After all, I had mentally prepared myself to leave the states. So, I was on the hunt again.

I ended up returning to my school (good thing I hadn’t resigned), and was able to continue to work extra duties for extra funds. I was also able to eliminate some debt that would have otherwise been lingering over my head while overseas. God surely works in mysterious ways.

By the end of 2016, I had secured several interviews for 2017, had been offered a few private school gigs (that I would ultimately turn down), and was looking forward to undergoing the interview process yet again.

Fast forward to February 2017. I had two (2) interviews scheduled in Houston: one with Edvectus for a private school position, and one with Teachaway. My Teachaway interview was during the week, so I had to make plans to leave heading down after work one day. The Edvectus interview was on a Saturday, so that didn’t pose much of a problem.

Both interviews went really well. I was offered both positions. Both had appealing packages, as well as pros and cons with both.

Some of the pros and cons of Edvectus:

  • I knew where I would be placed and what grade I would be teaching,
  • The salary was almost $1,000 less with Edvectus, but all utilities were paid, and the apartment was furnished,
  • The school was fairly new, and I had been tentatively offered a leadership position within the school,
  • A good friend of mine (Hey Kway) had moved to the exact region where I would be teaching, and was fairly familiar with the school,
  • I would be able to leave when I wanted to, which would eliminate the waiting game.

So, I had in my mind decided that Edvectus was a go. That was until I reached out to one of the ladies who had recently gone over to the UAE. Her offer had also been rescinded with mine last year, but she had secured a private school position. I asked her if she knew anything about the school and placement that I had been offered. Boy did she give me an earful! After that exchange, my zeal and enthusiasm about accepting that position was pretty much extinguished! So, back to the notebook of pros and cons.

Some of the pros and cons of the Teachaway position:

  • I was familiar with the process and what to expect,
  • All my documents had been authenticated and scanned, and were ready to be sent,
  • The salary was much higher. Since I had another year of teaching at my current school, that also boosted the salary,
  • I’d made friends and contacts with lots of folks working within the program since we had initially started the process together. They would be (and had been) my support system.
  • Though much regarding the departure was unknown, I’d have contact with many people who had recently completed the process and could walk me through it.

I had a serious decision to make. I talked over the pros and cons with my husband, and prayed on it. Both offers had to be decided upon on the same day. I ultimately turned down the position with Edvectus and returned my signed offer letter to Teachaway. Was I crazy? I deduced that ultimately God was in control, and prayed that the same thing wouldn’t happen twice.