Ending of a chapter; Beginning of a book

Today I resigned from the job that I’ve had for the last 7 years. I had already contacted my building principal and let her know my intentions. She was sad to see me go, but was very supportive. I sent out an email to the staff, as well as my previous grade level team. They were also very supportive. Of course some folks that I expected to care didn’t, but that’s cool too.

There were many people that I shared a special bond with, and one of those people was our campus secretary, Anna Garcia. I texted her yesterday letting her know that I was resigning, and told her I would stop by today after turning in my paperwork. Big mistake! We both cried like babies, but it was needed. I hadn’t really processed the fact that I’m moving across the world in a little over a week. She and I have always been kindred spirits, and served as moral support to one another daily. I needed that cry. She hugged me and reassured me that I was doing the right thing. Sometimes, even with all the assurances in the world, it feels good to hear from a friend that you’re on the right track. Today was bittersweet.

I still don’t have an actual ticket. I still haven’t started packing. Still have a few odds and ends things to do, but, I’m ready. Starting over can be very scary, but it’s always needed.


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