And Then There Were Two

When I decided to take this journey, many people had an opinion. Many said that I was crazy, while others told me to jump headfirst into this opportunity. My husband, Jonathan, was not overjoyed with the thought of us leaving Texas (the only home he’s ever known), but the more we talked about it, the more optimistic he became. We discussed how this decision to move abroad could be the catalyst to propel us into our destiny; catapult us into our new season. When I got my ticket to leave in July, though we were expecting it, there was still much that needed to be done in Texas before we could be together again. We had to finish packing up our rental home, move things into storage, and secure living arrangements for my stepdaughter (who was moving back with her mom). I did as much as I could before I left in July, and Jonathan was responsible for doing the rest.

When the time finally came for us to be reunited, it was October. All of the paperwork had been completed for him to arrive, and things stateside had been taken care of. An all new journey was about to begin for each of us; he would be arriving to his new home, and I would be helping to acclimate him to what had become my new home. Being away from Jonathan had been bittersweet; I had had some much needed ‘me time’ not having to cook, clean, or see to another person, but I had also missed having Jonathan with me. When he arrived on October 13th, I knew that there would be an adjustment for the both of us, but that we would have each other to lean on.

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