First 100 Days

postit-scrabble-to-do.jpgThere’s nothing like reflection. As I’ve grown older, I try to spend a great deal of my time reflecting on life. Reflecting on things that went well, things that are not going well, and things that I want to go well in the future. Much like personal reflection, the first 100 days of the US presidency is also something that many people analyze and scrutinize. They talk about what he has accomplished during that period, how he has shook up things during that period, and how he plans to move forward. Disclaimer: I will not use my platform to discuss Mr. Trump (insert eye roll). Nevertheless, the first 100 days seem to have significance to many, so I chose to reflect on my first 100 days abroad.

During this period, I have completed the following:

1. Moved across the world to the UAE

2. Secured housing at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain

3. Formed a solid village to help me through this new life

4. Paid off four (4) credit cards

5. Watched my credit score jump nearly 50 points

6. Began teaching 10th grade girls

7. Semi furnished my apartment (flat)

8. Mastered the art of using context clues to understand Arabic

9. Learned my way around my city without the use of GPS

10. Lived abroad 100 days, and survived to tell the story!

This journey has not been a fairy tale. There have been many days where I delighted in my decision to take this journey, and also other days where I wondered why I made this life decision. But, no matter how difficult things have gotten, I’ve survived. I’m excited about this journey. Here’s to 100 more days, and many more beyond that.

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