When America Invades the UAE

There’s nothing like a subtle reminder of home when you’re not at home. I’ve never been a huge fan of 7/11–I grew up in Oklahoma, where Quiktrip (QT) runs things–but I was super excited to hear that my apartment community was getting a 7/11. I was even more excited to see the sign go up directly across the street from my building. I had no idea that the pandemonium would be so great.

An email went out to the apartment community detailing the opening day. I decided that I would check it out after work. When I walked in, it was like Walmart on Black Friday! No exaggeration. Our entire apartment community, surrounding communities, and those who had never heard of 7/11 flocked to the storefront on opening day. I was impressed to see the setup of the store, how many exported products from America that they had, and just how well thought out the store was. There’s a one-stop shop machine at the front of the store that makes paying local and international bills, as well as sending money home, a breeze. There’s also a laundry service provided by 7/11 for those who need it. Oh, and did I mention that the entire inventory of the store can be delivered to your doorstep? The idea of delivery is not far-fetched as 99% of the businesses here deliver, but I was excited to see that 7/11 had joined the number.

I’ve frequented 7/11 numerous times since their opening, and I’m sure that won’t change any time soon. I do, however, kinda feel like I’m cheating on QT. 😜

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