Pop-Up Storm

There are many types of storms that can arise. Being born and raised in Oklahoma a.k.a. Tornado Alley, I know a thing or two about storms. Us Oklahomans quickly learned which storms to take seriously, and which ones didn’t require much attention. The most dangerous storms, however, are the pop-up storms; those that seemingly come from out of nowhere. Ones that we weren’t expecting and weren’t prepared for. Case in point: the pop-up storm of the last month.

Jonathan began to feel ill towards the end of April. After going into the emergency room at a nearby clinic, the doctors felt that he was more severe than what their facility could handle, so he was transferred to one of the major hospitals here in the area. That impromptu ER visit turned into an emergency surgery, another in-patient procedure, a prolonged hospital stay (24 days to be exact), and a diagnosis that we weren’t expecting–not to mention a long road to recovery. He is experiencing many emotions relating to all that he has endured, and I’m somewhere in the middle of holding it together for him and fighting to hold it together for myself.

One thing (well two things) that I can say:

1. Healthcare here dances figure eights around our so-called healthcare system in America. After all the procedure(s), hospital stay, ER visit, prescriptions, etc. that he has received, we have not paid one silver fil (cents here in the UAE). Did y’all hear what I said? Let me repeat. We have not had to pay anything! Not to mention the fact that all of his future care is also covered at 100%.

2. Being away from family in difficult times is hard, but God always provides. Our UAE family went above and beyond to ensure that we had what we needed. Everyone came to our aide during the last few weeks, and are continuing to do so. Could not have asked for a better Framily.

We are on the other side of this pop-up storm, and I can definitely say that it has made us stronger as a couple and as individuals. I can only hope that there’s a rainbow on the horizon.

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